Leadership roles in this sim, both In-character and Out-of-Character, come with responsibilities and expectations. In-character roles are earned through in-character interaction and role-play. OOC roles are earned through time and interaction with the staff and community. Below are the expectations for both sets of roles. Before seeking any role of leadership on the sim, please be aware of these expectations:

  1. An active presence on the sim and in RP:  We expect you to be an active part of the community you seek to help lead both IC and OOC. 


  1. Respect and courtesy shown to the community:  We don’t have to like everyone, but we do have to treat each other with courtesy, respect, and dignity out-of-character.


  1. Cooperative mindset: We are a team, and we work together to improve our sim and our community.


  1. Willingness to teach others: Our community welcomes newcomers to Gorean RP and to RP in general. You must be willing to help guide these people as they begin their role-play journeys.


  1. Adherence to the rules: We cannot trust you to enforce rules you do not follow yourself.


IC Leaders are the point of contact for all things IC with their faction or Caste. They also will recruit for their group (not poaching from other sims), they will work to create RP for their group and working with other groups to create broader story lines. In character leadership is ideally gained through actual role-play and earning the leadership role within your caste and/or faction by gaining the respect of your peers to appoint/vote you as such.


OOC Moderators will only Modreate to make sure all chat/discord rules are followed and sim rules are followed. They will not moderate any RP unless a sim rule is involved. They will not rule/judge the RP - only if the rule was broken or not. IC issues will be resolved in RP. 


We are not currently adding any OOC moderators or staff at this time. When, and if, the need arises to add to the Moderators they will be chosen from those who meet the criteria set forth here.