PERSONAL COMBAT RULES for fights with in Noddfa Village areas

Rules intended to protect players from being attacked while they are typing (Para-Rpers need a chance too)

1 Personal Combat is when two or more role players engage in ZCS metered combat due to a role play situation
2 Raids are not included as Personal Combat, 3 or more attackers arriving to fight is a Raid.
3 Any role players who engage in fighting outside of sparring or raid parties must obey these rules

PERSONAL COMBAT REQUIREMENTS ***The 30 min RP rule applies to free people only. Slaves will not have 30 min to run around without being downed. They must however be given 1 line 10 words before weapons can be drawn to down them. That is more realistic. RP is highly encouraged beforehand if possible.***

*****Exception to 30 min rule: Due to recent influx of panthers in full panther gear, including weapons, wandering the Village, meaning off the trade dock, the 30 min rule wont apply. It only applies if you are on the trade dock. You want to come RP , be realistic and disguise yourself. You want to come, do it in a stealthy and hidden way, to avoid being confronted and downed. Of course we encourage some RP before meter combat.

1) Personal Combat requires 30 minutes of role play before meter damage is dealt
2) At least two lines must have been posted by the victim of an attack during these 30 minutes
• All fights are considered to have started with a single pair. Everyone else is joining in, even with large groups
3) The Aggressor must make a challenge in order to initiate Personal Combat
• A challenge is a post indicating you intend to harm the victim verbal or non verbal + the drawing of a weapon
• Drawing a weapon is not a challenge on its own. It is a "Ready" action. Do not draw your weapon if you are not "Ready"
4) The victim of an attack must take a "Ready" action in response to your challenge in order to be meter damaged
• Drawing a weapon is a Ready action
• Running away is a Ready action
• If the victim walks away (Not runs) you must demand they stop once, if they do not obey it is a Ready action
5) If the Victim is unarmed (Free or slave) you are expected to attempt to roleplay subduing them first before fighting
6) If personal combat has already begun between two or more people, anyone else can join in on that fight.

1) Attack on sight or random attacks without role play reason are not permitted
2) Attacking someone who has a weapon in their hand normally as part of their "Look" .
• However if that person is nearby a fight going on, and appears to be engaged they are free game
3) Repeated Stalling RP for more than 10 minutes after a challenge is posted may result in a temporary ban
• Aggressor must IM the victim to ask if they are typing a post before attacking if they have gone silent
• "BRB Door" "Sorry RL" or "Laggy one sec" and other excuses are not permitted unless agreed by both parties OOC in IMs