Noddfa Village is just north of Kassau but south of the Marker of Torvaldsland occupying a space that is not entirely based in the culture of the areas south of Torvaldsland nor of Torvaldsland. It tends to have a mingling of customs and culture that has come from generations of living in close proximity, and even comingling of families. 


Caste exists in Noddfa, but not all who reside there or claim citizenship have Caste. Those from families that hale from Torvaldsland do not claim Caste. Those who trace their roots back to one of the various Cities south of Torvaldsland do claim Caste, though the castes are not as powerful in Noddfa as they might be in those cities. They do not have the monopoly on a specific trade or craft, or the ability to perform it.


Noddfa does have a Home Stone, but again due to the different views on such things the Oath is not an absolute. One must swear to the Home Stone or they can swear an Oath to protect the Village and those within it. The citizens are still bound in loyalty to their village and one another.


Noddfa is not a Northern Hall, but it is also not a large city. It is a rural community that is both rugged and sometimes, difficult. The women dress in a way that is suitable for their station and environment, but also with a mind to the work they are doing. Veils are not a requirement, and many women forgo them completely regardless of which tradition they come from. Not all have, but many have. Women are expected to dress modestly, of course, and conduct themselves with dignity fitting a Free Woman. None would have pierced ears, but you may see a pierced nose or two around. Women may wear shorter sleeves while working, too. Many dress in a way that is more common to the Free Women of Torvaldsland just for practical purposes. They are less fussy about hair, and while it is often pinned or braided as a matter of practicality, it is often looser and less ornate than in the more established cities. 


There are no Initiates in Noddfa, nor is there a temple. Kassau is the closest Temple of the Initiates. Noddfa is a relatively remote location, so the people may not be up to date on which cities are at war with one another, and most of those wars are far enough away not to impact their lives in any meaningful way. They have more immediate things to be concerned with such as day to day survival, preparing for the coming winter, the threat of outlaws, wild animals and other much more immediate threats. 


The remote nature of Noddfa also means that those from far from cultures may find that those of Noddfa are not aware or, or as accepting, of their cultural differences as larger cities might be. The people may have -heard- of these other cultures, but many will never have met or experienced anyone from that culture. Those portraying these more far flung cultures within Noddfa should expect curious looks, a bit of distrust, and even confusion to be role played by the citizens. It builds story, it is not meant to offend.


Noddfa has no High Jarl, nor does it have an Ubar or even an Administrator. The village is led by a leader who is chosen by his peers. While there is a High Council that advises, it is made up of citizens that have earned the trust and respect of their peers, not simply leaders of any given Caste or faction (though usually leaders of Castes and/or Factions find their way onto the High Council it is not a guarantee they will).


Much of Noddfa’s laws are Merchant Law or based in Merchant Law owing to its origins as a humble trade outpost. There have been some additions and alterations that occurred over the years, but the majority of the laws are simplistic and straight forward.