About the Village

Noddfa Village began its life as little more than a small trading outpost that lay situated along the coast in the northern regions, though not so far north as Torvaldsland. Over time people chose to remain at the outpost creating a growing community that became a village. Settlers came from both Torvaldsland and the more southern regions of Gor, and brought their customs with them. As happens over time, customs blended together in a way unique to the village of Noddfa.


Noddfa is still very rustic and rurual. It is not as polished, or as secure, as the more famous walled cities of Gor. It does not have the concintration of wealth that one might expect in the older, more established cities. Noddfa is a place of opportunity, a community constantly evolving and building itself into something greater. A strong sense of community exists within those who work to carve a future out for themselves and future generations. New people are drawn to the chance for a new start. Some just seek greater opportunity, others flee oppressive environments, and some may be fleeing a past best left forgotten for a new start. 


The village itself reflects the diversity of its origins within the community. Evidence of both Torvaldsland influence rests side by side with more traditionally southern influences. Some residents claim Caste while others do not. They have found a way to not only co-exist in peace, but to build a community richer for the diversity. 


Not all is sunny in Noddfa, though. The lack of strict social structure common in the southern cities, the lack of large military power, mean there is still danger. While there is law in Noddfa, it is not unusual for Outlaws to find their way into the village, and as long as they obey the laws of the land while within the Village none are the wiser. The nearby forest is alive with dangers of its own from outlaws, panther girls, and wild animals. One must be wary in the wilds surrounding the village.


Coastal access makes it a popular stopping point for ships traveling both north and south to restock supplies, get some shore leave, and rest along their journey. This also means, time to time, a pirate or two may find their way into the village. These dangerous men also bring with them vital trade goods, so the village has been known to turn a blind eye to HOW those goods were obtained. Survival of the village is always the goal through means fair and foul.