Your presence on the sim is taken as your agreement to abide by the following rules, so it is in your best interest to read them:


  1. This is an adult environment. Not only must you be an adult, your avatar must ALSO be an adult in both appearance and behavior. This includes AOs that may seem childish in their movements. We realize this is subjective, but the Moderator/Admin ruling is final. 
  2. No OOC abuse in local, IM, or any means of OOC communication (group chats, discord). We know you won’t like everyone, nor are you expected to. You will be expected to treat others with civility and courtesy in OOC communications.
  3. Human only avatars, meaning no elf ears, no glowing eyes, or things of that nature. Animal RP is allowed, but only those animals local to this region and must be RP’d appropriately.
  4. You must be in proper Gorean attire to be on the RP level of the sim. Yes, this means even in your rental spaces as they are part of the RP environment. Keep your non-Gorean activities off the sim, please. 
  5. zCS meter is required when on the RP levels of the sim.
  6. We do permit slaves to enter RP with an NPC owner for up to one RL week in order to determine if the sim is the right fit for them. They can work at the Inn, the Cafe, the Tavern or speak to one of the business owners about 'cleaning' their shops as their 'work' within the village during this time. 
  7. We are a role-play sim. While many themes of this genre do simulate very dark things such as forced enslavement, that does not remove a person’s right to give OR refuse OOC consent. What does that mean? It means that consent is key. If you wish to own a slave, their player has to agree to be owned by your character. Keep in mind, consent is not a get out of jail free card for consequences of one’s RP, but it should be considered proper form to respect limits and consent among adults.
  8. Please follow the proper chain of command when issues arise. If it is an IC issue, the head of your caste/faction is who you go to. If it is an OOC issue, please approach Moderators first, they will approach Admin if required. Attempts to skip this chain of command will have you asked to correctly follow it. This is to make sure all have the chance to enjoy RP.
  9. No pregnant slaves on this sim. Period. Thank you.
  10. We do not restrict alts. There is no way to do this without breaking LL ToS. That said - if an alt is used to metagame, god mode, or cause OOC issues, or to allow you to harass someone OOC, or get past them having you blocked/muted/ignored - then that IS a violation of several other existing rules. It will be dealt with accordingly if discovered.
  11. Moderators will NOT moderate RP. They are only here to moderate violations of sim rules. IC issues will be handled in RP. Failure to accept reasonable consequences for RP actions can result in corrective action following our escalation process.