Where is Noddfa? Is it a Northern Sim? A southern Sim?

 The answer is ‘yes’. Noddfa is north of Kassau but not quite within Torvaldsland. It was settled by people from both regions and retains cultural elements of both regions as well. It is more or less a crossroads, a way stop, between the two regions.


I play GE, can I play in Noddfa?

The answer is yes, you can, IF you do so with the understanding that Noddfa is a BtB sim. This means that while you are on our sim that you will abide by the rules and standards of BtB RP. Many BtB players enjoy the play in GE for the combat action, so we welcome you to join in our stories (and when/if we raid or are raided, your bows/swords are welcome!)


I don’t like meter combat, can I use dice instead?

The answer is both yes and no. We are a zCS meter sim. Our default combat method is zCS meter combat. If you wish to use dice, and the other player AGREES to do so, for your personal combat then you are welcome to do so. If the other player does NOT agree, sim rules govern. Raids and large scale combat will be zCS in all cases. 


Who is the slaver/where are the city kennels?

Noddfa does not have a ‘city’ slaver. Noddfa is a village, a rather remote one at that. While there may be a slaver or two in residence, they are independent contractors and not employed by the city. Slaves that wish to RP in Noddfa who do not have a private owner will be ‘assigned’ to one of the established businesses to serve. This could be the Inn, the Tavern, the Cafe. This will give the slave the opportunity to join the RP in an active way instead of being locked away. Slaves who have questions are encouraged to ask a staff member for assistance in getting settled in for RP.

Slavers who wish to live/RP in Noddfa are independent contractors. This means they are responsible for the procurement of their own stock. A slave may certainly choose to submit to the slaver and/or their kennel, but is not required to. Also, slaves that are captured on the sim do not automatically go to the kennel, they are the property of their captor. 


Can I be head of my Caste/Faction?

Maybe? Leadership positions are earned through role-play. We are not going to just hand out titles on a first come, first serve basis. If you wish to lead a caste or faction within Noddfa then you earn the respect of your peers through interacting with them and being active so that when the time comes you are voted or appointed by your peers to lead them. 


I’m Pani/Mamba/Some other less common group, can I RP in Noddfa?

Yes, you may, but please keep in mind the following as you do so. Noddfa is both remote and rural. The people may or may not be familiar with your culture in-character. This means they may give you odd looks, not understand your culture, or otherwise respond as correct in their RP. This is not meant to make you feel unwelcome, but to remain authentic. The culture of Noddfa will not just automatically adjust to fit your cultural ways, either. This can lead to great RP if you allow it. Your character will be expected to assimilate into Noddfa culture while maintaining their own uniqueness as well.


I have so and so blocked/muted.

And? They are blocked and muted by you for a reason. We won’t force you to engage with or RP with them. This also means that you should not refer to them in RP or speak in our groups about them OOC, or provoke them when they cannot respond. If you have someone blocked/muted, that is your decision. We expect this to mean that a person's character does not exist in any definition to yours. Don’t post to/about them. We are all adults here, after all.


I’m (insert staff member’s name) friend/family, does that get me special treatment? 

No. Just no. The rules and expectations remain the same regardless of who you are, who you know, and who you are friends/family with. This is the only fair, and adult, way to be. If you are truly the friend of one of our staff, you would understand we have this mind-set and not ask this question in the first place, right?


Can my sim advertise their event in your groups and on your calendar?

Yes, if we are actively cooperating with sims that engage in cross sim RP we want you to advertise your events with us so we can support them. Keep in mind, if we continually support your events but receive no support for ours from your group/sim, then this arrangement will cease. We don’t expect support at ALL events, but if several go by without joint support then the next request to post will be denied.


How do I get my sim added to your Sims list?

This list is for sims that we have active cross-sim RP with. If you wish to start cross-sim RP with us, then the easiest way to do so is through RPing the initiation of some sort of situation that will encourage that. Trade agreements, alliances, that sort of thing. Once the cross-sim RP has begun, we will add you to our list. Note - not all cross-sim RP is ‘friendly’ and we do understand that. Perhaps you are rivals, or some other form of adversary, that’s fine! It is about cooperative stories, and all stories need both friends and enemies!